We supply wools of many origins from 17.5 to 38 microns, specialising in New Zealand, Australian and British wool.

  We also source and stock scoured wools from many other origins such as South Africa, South America and various European origins. If we don’t have a wool that meets your requirements from stock, with our expertise and sourcing capability we can generally supply any wool you require at competitive prices and unbeatable quality.
  1. Scoured
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    From Around The World
    We mainly specialize in scoured wools from New Zealand, Australia, Falkland Island and British Breeds.
  2. New Zealand
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    Huge Variety
    We stock a wide range of NZ types including lambs, slipes, fleeces and pieces. We mainly carry average to good colour grades ranging from 22 Microns – 38 Microns, lengths of 1-3” up to 4-6” with low VM percentages.
  3. Australian
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    Expert Sourcing
    We stock many Australian types, including Lambs, Fleeces and Pieces. The bulk of our Australian wools are lamb and fleece types, ranging from 18 Micron up to 28 Micron, best style and good colour. VM of no more than 0.3%.
  4. Falkland
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    Everything You're Looking For
    We select the best style, snow white fleeces for our Falkland types. We stock good length fleeces in microns ranging from 19 Microns up to 29 Microns. Generally very clean fleeces at no more than 0.3% VM.
  5. British
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    The Best Of British
    Being a registered trader with the British Wool Marketing Board we have access to all the British wool types in the wool auction. We aim to have a good variety in natural shades and good colour, clean types, ranging from 28 Micron to 38 Microns.
  6. Carbonised
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    Superb Quality
    Our main stock of Carbonised wools are Australian Lamb types. Best style, good length, super colour in Microns ranging from 18 Micron up to 28 Micron. We also stock and source Carbonised lamb and fleece types from many other origins, such as South Africa and South America.
  7. Tops
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    Beautiful Breeds
    We strive to provide the best quality tops for many applications in the worsted spinning sector. We specialize in South American Tops ‘Monte Video’ in Microns ranging from 18.5 Micron up to 29.5 Microns. We have a wide range of British tops from the rare breeds to the run of the mill crossbred types.
  8. Broken Tops
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    It's All In The Detail
    We stock many different types of broken and open tops from the best quality combers. Our main stocks are uncontrolled tops from South Africa ‘Cape’ ranging from 18 Microns to 22.5 Microns. We also stock Australian tops, 17.5 Microns to 22.5 Microns and European Tops 24 Microns to 30 Microns.
  9. Effect Fibres
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    The Desired Effect
    We stock and source various types of fibres for effect in knitting, weaving and carpet yarns. Our range includes Wool Burrs, Wool Nepps, and Wool Slubs in both Scoured and Carbonised form.