1. Scouring
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    It's what we do
    We can scour any grade of greasy wools. From a minimum of 100kgs up to large runs of any weight.
  2. Superwash
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    Kroy Hercosett treatment
    We can kroy hercosett (superwash) scoured wool and combed wool tops. This treatment removes the scales from the fibre to prevent felting and shrinkage.
  3. Combing
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    Natural Combing
    We can comb most natural fibres, our main combing production is wool.
  4. Blending
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    Bespoke Blending
    We can create blends from all natural fibres and synthetic fibres. Looking for something unique? We can bespoke gill blend combed tops to create blends of many fibres. Starting from as little as 10kgs up to large runs.
  5. Dyeing
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    Expert Colour Matching
    From only 10kgs up to large runs, we can dye loose stock or tops for all types of natural and synthetic fibres. Using high tech colour matching systems, we can match any colour that is required on most fibres.
  6. Spinning
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    Unique Yarns
    We can spin on the woollen or worsted system. Creating unique yarns and blends from weaving yarns up to knitting yarns. We can supply these on cone ready for dyeing or reeling.
  7. Hanking & Balling
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    However you want it
    We can hank all types of yarns from 50g skeins up to 5kg skeins using a measured length system. We also provide a balling service, balling hand knitting yarns in minimum ball weights of 50g.
  8. Other Processes
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    Special Request?
    Our other processes include garneting, carding, precision cutting, random cutting and opening and pulling. Please contact us if you require a service that is not listed.